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Spanish to English and English to Spanish Translations — Personalized Attention

I handle all Spanish to English translations personally, always taking into account the adequate style for both the readers and the publication. For English to Spanish, I depend on a network of Spanish translators with whom I have collaborated in the past, matching them to each project according to her or his background and experience.


  • Conversational Style: € 0.08 /word
  • Institutional/Technical Style: € 0.11 /word

*Special Rates available for large projects. Contact me for a price quote.

** A per hour rate is also optional.


Most small- to medium-scale projects are delivered within 3 to 5 working days maximum. For large-scale projects, please contact me for an estimate.


For translations that are needed within 24 hours or required to go over an average of 3,000 words per day, a 50% tariff is applied. If the translation is needed in 12 hours or less, the tariff rises to 100%.