Matt Elmore is a Barcelona-based journalist, translator, editor and local fixer. He is the former Spain correspondent for The Art Newspaper and specializes in Spanish cultural news. He is also a regular contributor to Barcelona Metropolitan, for whom he covers a variety of topics that are of interest to expatriates and tourists alike. Other publications include Catalonia TodayThe Bulletin of the World Health Organization and the Richmond City Paper. He has also  contributed to CNN Europe.

As a translator and editor, Matt is the freelance consultant to the Department of Statistics and Investigation at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and helps them in preparing articles for publication in scientific journals. He also provides similar services to the UPC and other universities in Spain, as well as private enterprises who need help in translating and editing their websites, instruction manuals and industrial catalogues.

Matt has written a number of feature–length screenplays –one in collaboration with director Bernard Rudden. Recently he wrote the feature-length English translation of 14 Days with Victor, a Spanish production based in London. He also has two novels in development: The Red Light Hums, a memoir about his contacts with people who dabble in the paranormal, and Sum, another memoir based on his experiences living in Korea. One short film that he has written, Orgasmic, is currently in pre-production and will be filmed and directed in Los Angeles by Albert Letizia.

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Matt has lived in Chicago, Seoul and Dubai. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Minors Degrees in English and Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University and is also a certified video editor, 3D animator and web designer. He has worked in television as a writer, producer, director and on-air presenter; as a professional illustrator and craftsmaker; a multi-media coordinator in theater and for corporate presentations; a standup comedian and variety show emcee; and as a  road manager for the reggae entertainer Eek-a-Mouse.